WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo hopes to have acting project with IU

Earlier this year, ahead the release of his new single “JINU’s HEYDAY”, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo admitted that he wants to have a dream music collaboration with IU.

In his statement, he said, “I would love to collaborate with IU. I’m a fan of hers and really love her song, “Heart”.

On August 23on “MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon”, the Korean idol once again mentioned the name of the singer-actress when asked about who he wants to work with in a film.

He shared, “I like IU. I really like her songs, too. I heard “Hotel Del Luna” is really fun, so I’m not watching it on purpose so that I can watch it all at once later on.

During the interview, Kim Jin Woo even added, “I think you’re friends with [Song] Mino. I’m so jealous. IU, I want to meet you too… not for music, but for acting and personally as well.

Kim Jin Woo is a South Korean singer and actor. He successfully debuted as a soloist on August 14, this year.

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