Fans point out Red Velvet Irene’s unique album photocards

It seems like Red Velvet’s Irene is starting a trend with her unique photocards!

Fans noticed Irene’s unique set of photocards for the group’s latest album “‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2.”

Traditionally, idols take selcas for their album photocards but in Irene’s case, she had this quirky pose and a 4-selca photocard.

What surprised fans and netizens the most was this photocard with only her shadow and silhouette.

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Netizens had a good time discussing the photocard saying that it looks like Slender Man. However, others expressed that they would rather receive a photocard with her face instead of a shadow.

Some found it cute and not a big deal. The shadow photocard can be a collector’s item. 😉

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Written by M. Kat

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