“Produce X 101” trainees dominate Naver TV’s Top 100 list with individual eye contact videos

Last week’s episode of “Produce X 101” showcased the trainees’ group performances of their concept evaluation songs. As soon as their individual eye contact videos were released, these solo cams rose to the top spot of Naver TV’s Top 100 list.

Among the trainees, Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyeongjun’s eye contact video was the first one to reach 1 million views.

As of writing, Kim Wooseok of TOP Media further proves his popularity as his solo cam takes the No. 1 spot. His solo cams for “Love Shot” and “To My Youth” are also still in the Top 100.

OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan tails behind him at No. 2.

Other popular trainees also took the higher ranks like TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk, Plan A’s Han Seungwoo, Starship’s Song Hyeongjun, and more.

These videos are also on Youtube if you want to watch over there.

Which trainee do you think stood out the most?


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Written by M. Kat

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