Her Private Life: A K-pop Fan's Life in Reel

As a big K-pop fan, I can picture myself in Park Min-young’s character (by any means, I am not a curator in some fancy art studio nor do I own any of those red bottom heels). An ordinary human being with a 9-5 job but is secretly obsessed with a K-pop group.

The drama kicked-off with a pretty decent rating last April 10th and is currently on its 8th episode. The show is led by Park Min-Young who is one of the most recognized artists in Korea and Kim JaeWook, who too has several shows under his belt to boost. Both are visually pleasing and have good chemistry on television. However, what really captured my curiosity is not the overall RomCom feels of the show, but rather, the quirkiness and relatability of Min-young’s character as an over-the-top fan.

No doubt, K-pop is having its golden age these days. With BTS and Blackpink leading the pack in conquering the western stage. It is inevitable that more and more people are drawn to the black hole which we call K-pop. Hence, more people, like myself, are becoming like Park Min-young’s character. Making this series truly relatable for most viewers who are also big K-pop fans. The way she fangirls’ over One’s character is so cute and realistic. From keeping a used bottle, creating an Instagram fan account, going to almost all fan meetings and concerts and recreating her fave idol’s Instagram poses, is something that most, if not all of us K-pop fans have done at one point in our fangirls’ lifetime. The show is still halfway through but it is surely entertaining. Light, delightful and full of “that is so me” moments that will surely capture every K-pop fan’s heart.

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Written by Ashley

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