Fans break into NCT’s US tour bus

Fans who reportedly stayed in the same hotel in Houston as NCT127 received severe backslash after they posted the hotel’s address and videos of them entering the group’s tour bus.

NCT127 is in Houston as part of their ‘Neo City The Origin’ USA Tour‎

Last May 5, a fan who has aptly been called as sasaeng (사생팬, obsessed stalker) by NCTzens, posted Instagram stories of her following the members of the group and sharing the location of the hotel she and NCT127 are staying in. On Twitter, she posted a video of her and her friends entering the tour bus without consent, although they claimed that the bus driver let them in. 

The sasaeng’s actions were heavily criticized, as well as the poor level of security given to NCT.

Just last April 29 in Miami, the host for ¡Despierta América! was under fire for forcing a girl to kiss NCT127 member Taeyong. However, some defended the host by explaining that it is customary for Hispanics to give a kiss on the cheek as a greeting.

Despite these personal space invasion issues, the group successfully wrapped up NCT 127 TAKES HOUSTON.


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Written by Erie Ly

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