Arrest Order Issued vs Seungri for Burning Sun Scandal

About two months since the Burning Sun Scandal hit headlines worldwide, a warrant for former BIG BANG member Seungri (real name: 이승현 Lee Seung-hyun) has finally been issued on Wednesday, May 8.

Seungri and his business partner are facing prostitution and embezzlement cases filed by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Intelligence Crime Investigation Department. Seungri was said to supply businessmen and foreign investors with prostitutes at nightclubs in Gangnam district and overseas, notably when he hosted his 27th birthday party in a private island in Palawan, Philippines.

On the Naver article regarding the arrest, K-netizens expressed their displeasure at the delay of the issuance of the warrant of arrest:

“Shouldn’t they have arrested him before 17 investigations? All I can think of is that they helped Seungri to destroy the evidence as much as possible.”

“I want to know the real reason why arrested investigation was not done.”

“The police didn’t do 17 investigations, but 17 meetings.”

The scandal spread last January 2019, when a woman was assaulted in Burning Sun, further fueled by the contents of the leaked chat messages of Burning Sun employees about date rape and the KakaoTalk group chat messages wherein  몰카 (molka) or unconsented sex videos were shared.

These were released in February 2019 and the latter involved Seungri directly and other celebrities such as Jung Joon-Young, Yong Jun-hyung of Highlight, Choi Jong-hoon of F.T. Island, and Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE.

Aside from prostitution, Seungri is also accused of misappropriation of Burning Sun’s funds worth 200 million won, and embezzling a total of 2 billion won with his business partner, as well as tax evasion and illegal drug use.

Although he denied the allegations, he retired from the entertainment industry last March 11, 2019, effectively ending his 13-year career as a member of BIG BANG and solo artist under YG Entertainment. The label founder Yang Hyun Suk issued a statement claiming that “our artists’ operations of their personal businesses are completely unrelated to YG.”

(This article will be updated.)


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Written by Erie Ly

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