How to express your emotion in Korean

Let’s learn Korean with Kpop songs.

Here’s Spring Day’s lyrics. The Underlined texts are today’s expressions.

Bogo sipda ireohgeMalhanikka deo bogo sipda

Neohui sajineulBogo isseodo bogo sipda

Neomu yasokhan siganNaneun uriga mipda

Ijen eolgul han beon boneun geosdo

Himdeureojin uriga

How to express your feeling

자기 전에는 더  보고싶다

Jaki Junaenun Deo Bogosipda

I miss you more before I sleep

나는 너가 정말 밉다

Nanun Neoga Jungmar Mipda

I really hate you

Sample Sentences

1. 연락한지 3일 지났어요. 보고싶다

Yunrakhanji 3il Jinatuhyo, Bogosipda

It’s been three days since we talked. I miss you.

3일 = three days

보고싶다= I miss you

2. 매번 약속을 안지키는 사람이 밉다

Maebun Yaksokul Ahn Jikinun Saramee Mipda

I hate someone breaking promise every time.

매번=every time

밉다= I hate

Sample Dialogue

A 보고싶어요. 잠깐 얘기할 수 있어요? I miss you. Can I talk with you for a minute?

B 지금은 얘기할 수 없어요. I can’t talk with you right now.

A 나랑 얘기 안할 때 정말 밉다.  I really hate you when you don’t talk to me.

Exercise for Lesson 1

How do you say “every time” in Korean?

Please write down 3 days in Korean.

In Korean, how do you say I really hate you?

Match the Korean words to English equivalent.

매번                Everytime

보고싶다        I miss you

삼 일                  I hate you

밉다                3 days

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