B.I leaves iKON following illegal drug scandal

On June 12, Dispatch reported that iKON’s B.I attempted to purchase LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in 2016, from an individual named “A.”

When “A” was arrested for dealing with drugs, the phone that belonged to “A” was also investigated by the police. With that, a KakaoTalk conversation between “A” and B.I was discovered. It was revealed that B.I was trying to purchase illegal drugs and admitted using marijuana.

On the same day of the report, B.I responded through a statement on his personal Instagram.

“I’m Kim Han Bin.
First of all, I sincerely apologize for causing trouble with my inappropriate behavior.

For a time, it was so hard and painful, so it’s true that I wanted to rely on something I shouldn’t even be interested in. But I was scared and afraid, so I couldn’t try.

Nevertheless, I am so ashamed and sorry to all fans and members who would greatly be disappointed and hurt by my wrong words.

I want to leave my team and humbly reflect on my mistakes.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to our fans and members. I’m sorry.”

Translation by WowKpop

Following this issue, B.I will also be edited out of his upcoming shows like SBS’ “Law of The Jungle” and JTBC’s “Grand Budaguest.”

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Written by M. Kat

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