How do K-pop idols deal with sweat and body hair?

I’ve been a long-time fan of K-pop idols and wondered how they always had great skin and flawless armpits. I’m aware they do treatments and multiple derma sessions as celebrities but it would be nice to hear it directly from them.

We are now in an era of video content and idol Youtubers. Including former and experienced idols, it’s great that they can openly talk about these things. Sweating, body hair, covering imperfections, these are all natural things people go through every single day. So how do idols deal with these problems?

Crayon Pop’s Way talked about these concerns in her recent YouTube video.

She started sharing how idols cover up imperfections on the face and body, such as bruises. They actually use concealers, lotions, and creams with glitter to make their skin look glowing, fair, and camera-ready.

For oily hair, they use products like baby powder, loose powder and dab it on their bangs and parts that are greasy.

Another trick they do is to carry around wet wipes. They wipe it on their body to remove odor and feel fresh during a schedule. The product she particularly mentioned is the BIORE Sara Sara Body Powder Sheets.

For times when idols can’t afford to sweat, they use an antiperspirant deodorant called Driclor. It has some side effects so be careful when using it and consult a professional first.

Idols deal with body hair through waxing and laser hair removal. Shaving or using a tweezer all the time for armpit hair wouldn’t be a good idea because hair grows fast and it leaves the skin with imperfections. With the nature of their job, they have to be presentable at all times.

For hair on the legs, arms, and face, they usually just use a regular razor or eyebrow razor.

Watch the rest of her secrets here!

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