EXO’s Suho inspires Newkidd’s leader Jinkwon to debut

Newkidd leader Jinkwon has revealed that it was EXO’s Suho who inspired him to debut as an idol.

In a statement, Jinkwon shared that he was totally impressed and amazed by the hit kpop star’s enthusiasm and personality giving him also the reason to be a singer. He said, “EXO’s leader Suho sunbaenim always looked so cool. That’s why I think I want to debut in a group.”

The Newkidd’s leader Jinkwon also said that he even became a fan of ‘EXO’s Showtime’ during its broadcast. He added, “When I was a middle school student, I got familiar with idol singers after watching ‘EXO’s Showtime’. I used to watch the members and I remember thinking about how happy they looked.”

Newkidd is a rookie K-Pop male group with seven members including Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Yunmin, Woochul, Hwi, Choi Jiann and Kang Seungchan. They have released an official debut album in April 2019 and got a positive response from the fans all over the world with their track, “Tu eres”.

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