K-Netizens are eyeing these "Produce X 101" trainees to debut

Although it’s still pretty early on in the competition, K-netizens already have their favorites and these trainees’ popularity obviously shows in each episode ranking.

Kim Yohan of OUI Entertainment

He is clearly the top bet for now. His solo fancam for “BOSS” even topped on Naver TV. Yohan did a great job with his part during that performance.

Kim Mingyu of Jellyfish Entertainment

He lacks skills and he knows it. This boy has shown great determination and hard work. We are looking forward to his further development in the program. One thing’s for sure, his visuals are on another level! It wasn’t the only thing that stood out in the program so far, though. This boy also has a great personality.

Lee Eunsang of Brand New Music

Doesn’t he have MXM vibes? Or is it just me? Anyway, this boy has a bright smile and he’s pretty popular among Produce X 101 fans. Although lately, he doesn’t have much screentime, his ranking is still high. This only proves what the people actually want. (Yes Mnet, we’re talking to you.)

Song Hyeongjun of Starship Entertainment

“Baby” and “cute” are just some of the names fans like to describe him. He’s cute when he cries and netizens have been treating him like a baby since then. He also works hard and strives to get better.

Nam Dohyun of MBK Entertainment

Another cutie marshmallow on the list! Maybe it’s just me again but I’m getting Xiumin vibes from him. Others say he looks like Seventeen’s Hoshi. Well, whatever. Nam Dohyun is Nam Dohyun. He’s cute but he transforms on stage. He also nailed that rap during the “Clap” performance.

Kim Wooseok of TOP Media

Hot on stage, cutie off stage with his eyeglasses. Have you recovered from that “Love Shot” performance? This guy is definitely one of the top picks this season. Talented and does his job well as a center. His solo fancam ranked high on Naver as well.

These are basically the high-ranking and trending boys so far. They also earned fanbases that can help secure their spots. Although, not everyone agrees with their popularity and high ranks. Netizens still question their skills and lack of charm. Nothing is certain yet, so hold on to your boy!

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Written by M. Kat

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