Korean Instagram Accounts For Fashion Inspiration

We’ll be sharing our favorite Korean Instagram accounts for K-fashion inspiration. This list is made up of Korean clothing shops that share lovely pieces and coordinates that you can get inspiration from. From school girl fashion to dainty florals and skirts, you’ll surely get hooked!

Let’s start!


Mixxmix actually has an English website where you can buy their pieces. They also ship worldwide!

Their style varies per season but they mainly have school girl fashion, dainty dresses, and casual street style looks to offer. K-pop idols like IZ*ONE and young actresses like Kim Yoo-jung were also spotted wearing the brand.

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From frills, laces, florals, to ribbons, Ariwear has it all! You would definitely spend a lot of time scrolling down to see more outfits! They have a rather feminine style with a lot of dainty details, but they also have girl crush looks from time to time. K-pop stars like GFriend and Oh My Girl were also spotted donning Ariwear’s lovely pieces!


This lovely shop loves anything dainty, printed, and vintage. They have feminine pieces with bold or subtle prints, ruffles, sheer and light fabrics, and retro styles. Their coordinates will remind you of the Sailor Soldiers’ retro fashion on Sailor Moon.

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커밍원피스 품절입니다. 감사합니다!!!!! . . . . . 모두 새상품 라인으로 코디했어용😉🌿 . 1번 3번코디 모두 각각 3만원대😉❤❤ . . 커밍원피스 재고 문의가 많습니다.🌙🙏 여유재고가 많지 않아요 ㅠㅡㅠ. 아마 추가 제작도 하지 않을 듯 합니다. 매장재고를 물어보시면 현재 기준의 재고상황만 알려드릴 수 있습니다.. 장사란…. 한치..앞도..모르는..것……….흑😅 언제는 있을까요.. 등등은 솔직히 저도 모르겠어요…… ㅠㅡㅠ 한번에 모두 팔릴 수도 있고.. 잘 나가던것도 갑자기 안나갈 수도 있는 부분이라서요 ㅠㅡㅠ 링마이버튼엔 예약금이나 찜 등은 없어용^.^ 모두 입금 순 판매되고 있구요. 네이버스토어는 이제 완전히 떠나보내려합니다.. 쇼핑몰 계획은 천천히 고민 해 보도록 하겠습니다 🙂 아직 고민 중이에요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ😥😥😥

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This shop obviously adores pastels, frills, and florals. Their Instagram feed is like addicting candy and you won’t stop scrolling! It’s sad that they don’t ship worldwide but you can surely get fashion inspiration from their colorful coordinates. 😉

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