Top 5 K-Pop Girl Groups With The Most Music Show Wins

The K-Pop industry has gotten saturated over the years and competition is a lot fiercer than ever before. More and more groups debut each year with the hopes of getting their hard work recognized and rewarded.

Today, we will be featuring 5 girl groups who currently have the most number of music show wins.Β 

1. Girls’ Generation – 100 wins (including solos and unit)

This top female group made their debut in 2007 and released countless hit songs since then. They also popularized concepts and choreographies that made waves internationally, securing their spot as one of the top groups of the second generation.

2. TWICE – 87 wins

JYP Entertainment’s phenomenal girl group need no further explanation. TWICE’s popularity, especially in their own nation, is no joke. After debuting in 2015, the masses have continued to show their love for TWICE and made every song they released sit at the top of various charts. K-Pop fans look forward to their musical developments, as individuals, and as a group.

3. Red Velvet & GFriend – 53 wins

Tying for the third spot are Red Velvet and GFriend! Both girl groups have different concepts and songs but people love them nonetheless. Red Velvet debuted in 2014 and have been exchanging vibes between “Red” and “Velvet.” Their quirky and fun summer songs are always a jam but whenever they release something “dark,” you are bound to fall for their charms all over again.

GFriend debuted in 2015 and started with schoolgirl and innocent concepts that were proven to be a hit. They still play around in that area but have come to be known for their complex choreographies.Β 

4. Wonder Girls – 44 wins

Don’t give us that “Omona!” It’s no surprise that this iconic girl group is still here on the list. Debuting in 2007, the group had some member lineup changes over the years but who would forget their hit songs like “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and the phenomenal “Nobody.” They may have disbanded but their legacy should never be ignored.

5. SISTAR & Apink – 43 wins

Summer queens from 2010 and queens who rock the innocent concept since 2011 – SISTAR and Apink! SISTAR may have disbanded but they provided us with summer bops that made the season even more fun, with a dash of classy sexy. “Alone,” “Give It To Me,” and “Touch My Body” are all bops until forever.

Apink proved that a group can slay with innocent concepts. They’ve constantly done that over the years and with their recent upgrade in 2018, these powerful women are killing us with their mature looks and sound!

Note: This list may not be updated or have errors. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. πŸ™‚

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Written by M. Kat

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