K-Pop Idols Impress With Their Live Vocals on Dingo Music

Korea’s Dingo Music provides live performances from various idols and artists in the form of SERO live or SERO dance.

Today, we will be featuring these K-pop idols below and their amazing SERO live performances. Their vocal talent definitely stands out which proves how amazing they truly are!

KHAN – I’m Your Girl?

This song definitely needs more love! It’s a bop and KHAN’s vocals are on point!

VIXX – Shangri-La

Concept kings did an outstanding job with this one. Let’s take a moment to appreciate those harmonies and high notes!

MAMAMOO – Wind Flower

Does this one need any more explanation? Let MAMAMOO impress you yet again with their vocal talent!

Ravi – Tuxedo

If you think he’s just a rapper, well he’s definitely a whole lot more than that! This guy right here will make you wow with his live singing.

Chen – Beautiful Goodbye

Get some tissues because Chen will present you his emotional voice full of power with this live performance of “Beautiful Goodbye.”

What’s your favorite SERO live?

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Written by M. Kat

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