4 K-Pop Idols You Should Subscribe to on YouTube

It seems more and more companies are allowing their idols to start their own channel on YouTube. Being an idol Youtuber gives fans a peek of their favorite idol’s daily life and show a new side of them, apart from the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry. 

Here are some idols you should subscribe to for their funny, informative, aesthetic, fun, (and sometimes pretty random) content!

EXO Baekhyun (λ°±ν˜„ Baekhyun)

Baekhyun’s channel is relatively new. Matching his personality, even his video titles make fans laugh. As of this writing, he only has 2 short videos which show him vlogging in the car, street, having coffee, and working out. His short but very random scenes still keep fans pretty much entertained. We are looking forward to his development from a “beginner Youtuber” to a pro. πŸ˜‰

VIXX N (achahakyeon)

VIXX’s leader N may be serving in the military, but before he left, he made sure to gift his fans with this channel to keep them happy while he is away. We don’t want you to cry, but videos are still being uploaded on his channel even if he’s not around so that fans won’t feel his absence THAT much. If that’s not sweet I don’t know what is!

His vlogs are so aesthetically-pleasing, providing clips from his travels to DIY lamps and candles!

Sandara Park (Dara TV)

Dara’s vlogs are well-made and thought of. Her videos are also very informative while promoting different places tourists can go to. Aside from her awesome travel videos, she also does makeup tutorials and behind-the-scenes clips from her work. There’s definitely a lot of variety on her channel to keep you entertained.

Super Junior Heechul (HEEtube 김희철)

Heechul would definitely pass as a Youtuber if he wasn’t an idol celebrity. His channel started from random clips of his beautiful face, self-praising antics, and game streaming to well-edited informative videos and crazy behind-the-scenes clips from his work and moments with the Super Junior members. If you love seeing him on variety shows, you’ll definitely love his content on YouTube as well!

There are plenty more idols with personal YouTube accounts. If we missed your favorite, share it with us below in the comments!

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Written by M. Kat

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