Korean shopping sites to buy K-Pop merch

Back in the days, it was hard for international K-pop fans to buy their faves’ album, DVD, and other official merchandise. Although we are at the age where streaming is king, loyal fans still opt to support their favorites by purchasing their albums. There’s no better joy than opening that box full of bubble wrap, carefully removing the plastic cover, and smelling the album. Oh! And of course, finding out whose photocard you got!

The question is, where? Thankfully, websites like these below are available in English and also cater to the international market. You don’t have to worry about shipping and payment because everything is there! From major credit cards to worldwide shipping, you are bound to have a nice buying experience.


Eleven Street or 11Street is an online marketplace that offers a variety of products, including official merch from various K-pop stars. Most fans in the K-pop community go here to buy official lightsticks.


Ktown4u is another online shopping website based in Korea. They have everything a K-pop fan needs like albums, official goods, K-beauty items, and even K-food. International fans mostly come here to buy newly released albums, concert DVDs, and other official goods.


Gmarket has also been a steady player in the online shopping scene. Aside from K-pop merch, they have the most variety of products available including K-beauty, household and kitchen supplies, electronics, items for babies, and more!

Kpop Mart

Kpop Mart is another go-to shopping site for K-pop fans. They also have the newest K-pop releases including CDs, DVDs, official goods. Another thing is that they cater to K-drama fans as well. They sell official DVDs of dramas and movies you’ve been dying to watch!

What’s your favorite online shopping site for K-pop goods? Share it with us in the comments!

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Written by M. Kat

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