Where are the B.A.P. members now after disbandment?

BAP in 2018, in one of their last performances as a 7-member group

Fans rejoiced when former B.A.P. members Youngjae, Himchan, Zelo and Daehyun reportedly went and saw The Lost Village (잃어버린마을), in which Jongup has been cast as an actor, last May 8. Himchan’s attendance came as a surprise as he has not appeared publicly since he was charged with sexual assault last September 2018. 

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오늘도 감사감사 합니다! 모두들 수고 많으셨습니다? #잃어버린마을 화이팅?

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B.A.P. has officially disbanded last February 17 when members Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup did not renew their contracts with their agency TS Entertainment, just like Yongguk and Zelo whose contracts expired the year prior. 
Unlike most groups, their contract expiration was seen in a positive light by fans; to recall, a lawsuit was filed by B.A.P. against the agency back in 2014 for unfair working conditions. It was said that the members were not paid for 3 years, and their monthly salary was below the minimum wage. The profit was also said to be unfairly distributed [1 (BAP): 9 (TS)].
The former B.A.P. members (with the exception of Himchan) now embarked on solo careers. For the month of May alone, the following activities were scheduled: Youngjae‘s guestings and fanmeeting, Jongup‘s play, Zelo‘s guestings and solo album release, Daehyun‘s guestings and special encore stage for his solo concert, and Yongguk‘s solo photobook release and fanmeetings in Japan and South Korea. Their relationship also appears to have been maintained as they would often share each other’s promotional material in their SNS and attend related events to show support.

They also opened their own YouTube channels:




Do you also think they made the right decision not to renew their contracts and disband? 

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