Meaningful comments about suspicion of 'investor sex service

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Police investigating criminal charges of renowned entertainers such as group Big Bang member victory (Lee Seung-hyeon, 29) and singer Jung Jun-young (30) secured meaningful statements to support suspicions of victory It is speeding up the investigation.

A Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency official said on August 18, “I have a meaningful statement about the allegations of a victory-inducing receptionist.” He also said he is looking into allegations of prostitution abroad and gambling abroad.

Police said they could not reveal the exact details of the statement.

There is a suspicion that the winner of the Kakao Talk dialogue with the CEO, Glass Holdings Yumo, who is in the process of preparing for the establishment of the company in December 2015, instructed him to make a place at the club arena in Gangnam to entertain foreign investors. lost. There was also a suspicion that the victory was habitually illegal gambling in Las Vegas and mediation of prostitution in foreign countries.

Police will continue to investigate victims and other victims related to investor entertainment, and plan to verify the exact facts.

A police official said, “I asked for my postponement and that the Military Manpower Administration also reviewed it.” He said, “I do not have any problem in investigating the matter, He said.

The official added, “We will send a letter to the military office asking for a review so that we can cooperate with the investigation.”

Chung Joon-young, who is expected to apply for arrest warrants soon after he allegedly uploaded illegal video footage to a cacao talk group chat room, was reportedly accused of “wrongdoing” in a police investigation.

In the process of investigating an illegal shooting of his girlfriend’s body at the time in 2016, Jung’s lawyer said that the confirmation letter submitted to the police was “false” The facts were confirmed.

A police officer said, “I admitted that the applicant filed and submitted a false acknowledgment,” the lawyer said.

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